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Start your sports career on the right track with FC Tulsa. 

Professional soccer. Real-world experience. Proven track record.

Follow in the footsteps of others who have gained invaluable experience at FC Tulsa and have gone on to make their mark in professional sports here in Tulsa and beyond. Whether it's in the creative field, social media, ticketing, partnerships, merch, or operations, FC Tulsa has options for multiple different career paths and interests. Check out all of our opportunities below, and if interested, fill out the form at the bottom to apply.

  • Bella Beffer

    Digital Media Coordinator, FC Tulsa

    "I applied for an internship at FC Tulsa because of my love for soccer and for my city. I began working with FC Tulsa as a digital media intern in March of 2021, and I very quickly started learning about all the work that happens behind the scenes. I loved being an intern, and when my supervisor got a new job opportunity, I was eager to apply for the full-time position.
    I was hired as a full-time Digital Media Coordinator in August of 2021 and I can’t imagine a better fit for me.  Vamos Tulsa!"


  • Gabriel Causey

    Graphic Designer, FC Tulsa

    "I had a fantastic experience interning for FC Tulsa, as the club provided me with various projects to help further develop my skills as a graphic designer. I felt a real connection with the club and they showed not only support but trust in the work I created, paired with strong feedback. I was surrounded with a great group of people and I’m extremely grateful for having the opportunity. I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position with the club as a Graphic Designer."


  • T.C. Brewster

    Digital Content Producer, FC Cincinnati

    "My time working at FC Tulsa was truly transformative in my career as a creative. Working in such a collaborative environment not only helped me strengthen my communication skills, it also helped me diversify my skill set. I’m super thankful for all the memories made and lessons learned during my time working at FC Tulsa!"


  • Emmanuel Frye

    Account Executive, JumpCrew

    "My experience with FC Tulsa and the ticket sales internship program helped me get experience under my belt. The knowledge I received from the internship allowed me to become a qualified candidate for sports organizations and business in general. I am thankful for every person at FC Tulsa and the opportunity they gave me."


  • David Beck

    Account Executive, FC Tulsa

    "Before FC Tulsa, I knew I wanted to work in sports but did not know what kind of role I wanted to have. My internship with the team taught me about the different departments and their responsibilities. This knowledge was helpful when it came time to apply for a full-time job."


About FC Tulsa

FC Tulsa is Oklahoma’s premier professional soccer club that plays in the USL Championship, the second division of U.S. Soccer. FC Tulsa was founded in 2015 as Tulsa Roughnecks FC, but was relaunched under its current name prior to the 2020 season.


FC Tulsa will give you the tools and experience to put you on your ideal career track in sports. You will get out of these internships what you put in - if you're self-starting, driven to be successful in the industry, interested in building a community #ForTulsa, and committed to getting better every day, you'll undoubtedly get the most value out of an FC Tulsa internship. 

Our motto, “For Tulsa,” is at the center of all that we do.


Available Internships

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Ticket Academy


Corporate Partnership Services

Operations & Fan Engagement

Communications and Public Relations

Video Editor

Digital Media

Start your career journey with FC Tulsa.